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Taunya Laya, Founding Director of My Second Breath Inc., is a member of the Sound Healers Association and holds a Master's of Science Degree in Education with over 20 years of experience in the fields of education and social work. She accomplished The Advanced Master Level IV of Himalayan Singing Bowls Certificate earned through 9ways School of Shamanic Studies with one of the masters of Sacred Sound and Shamanic Studies, Mitch Nur PhD and is now an instructor of meditation at 9ways. She has been a Director of Programs in Education, Job Readiness, Youth, and in the front lines of preventing child abuse. "First Step Job Training For Women a program of Coalition for the Homeless put me on my Himalayan Singing Bowl Journey as a life's mission for peace,wellness, and enlightenment. Thank you ladies. I love you. You gave me the courage to take My Second Breath."

My Second Breath in Dubai April 2017

After India Spirit Leads 
My Second Breath 
April 19-May 3rd
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Thanks to my friends at Kevala Center
in India for making this possible.

Journey to India 2016


Spirit invited Taunya Laya of My Second Breath Inc. to play in it's first World Music Festival and so she went. Here are some highlights of the journey.

The Kevala Foundation Group
My Stage for Meditation Sessions 

Teaching about Singing Bowls. From this more came to learn.

Journey to the Falls
Teaching Treatment Technique

Trident Ceremony 

 Drone's View of Kevala Center and the land

BE THE PEACE Remembering Central Park Meditations 2016


Give Thanks to All who attended especially special guest Tony Sunseed Palmer 
with his toning Pryamids

Himalayan Singing Bowls A Spiritual Healing Journey with Taunya Laya Rivera

September 17, 2013

Sacred Sound Harmonics and Vibrations with the Himalaya Singing Bowls create beautiful waves of healing sound that travel into the air and everything that surrounds use. We have experienced that playing the singing bowls in nature has an extra special benefit for the planet. Yes, it is true that our earthly bodies receive the healing benefits, but what happens when we play the singing bowls outside as the metallic harmonic plasma fields explore and penetrate our planetary living environment, Mother Gaia? 

For many years I have held morning meditations in New York’s Central Park with the Himalayan Singing Bowls, ting shaws, wind chimes, Native American rattles, flutes, and most recently didgeridoos. WOW what an awesome experience for our spirit, mind, and body to come alive with the community of nature of green grass, trees, lake water, ducks, fish, and birds.   It is a free get-a-way from the busy noisy city. Although you are still in the city, the environment transitions into a peaceful clean clear state of harmony.

Now, I must share my recent experience as proof of this. For our last Merkaba Sunday Morning Meditation in Central Park, I added my newest tool, a Singing Crystal Pyramid, with the singing bowls. The Singing Crystal Pyramid is the same shape as the top pyramid of the sacred geometric tetrahedron Merkaba.  Rods of pure quarts crystal are fused together to make a pyramid. When the rods are struck gently with a crystal wand with suede covering on the top, the pyramid makes a beautiful angelic harmonic sacred sound. When combined with selected higher frequency singing bowls, the sounds and elements combine to make an even more intense yet sweet vibrational harmonic. After completing the Arch Angel Metatron Channeled Merkaba Meditations, I took the Singing Crystal Pyramid to play and spin on top and around each person’s head. These tones went into each person and out into the Universe reflecting the prismatic crystal tones through the energetic state of the ethers. Our Merkaba Meditations and intensions of spreading Love combined with this vibrational harmonic energy.  Upon leading the group back to their bodies and the awareness of Mother Gaia, we spoke of our experience for a short while and then looked up to see “The Light Energy of God shining through above the Sun”…..a  beautiful rainbow.

 As stated by Wikipedia,  The rainbow, a natural phenomenon noted for its beauty and inexplicability, has been a favorite component of mythology throughout history. The Norse saw it as Bifrost;” (a burning rainbow bridge that reaches between Midgard (the world) and Asgard, the realm of the gods). “Judeo-Christian traditions signs it as a covenant with God not to destroy the world by means of floodwater.”  As stated on the “Grace to You” website, “The rainbow is also said to be the belt of Iris or a footpath between heaven and earth. …And some have said it is a stairway which descends from heaven to earth and back again so that messengers can bring messages from the gods.” It also states, “Every time you see a rainbow, listen to me (God), it represents the victory of grace over judgment. What does this world deserve? Judgment. What does it get? Grace because this is the age when God has hung up His bow. The triumph of mercy over wrath, this is the age for us to go to the ends of the earth and tell them of God and His mercy, God and His grace.”

Rainbows occur when there are waterfalls, rain, and/or water droplets in the air, but there was waterfall, only a small duck pond; no rain that day or the day before.  You have to be at a precise angel at a precise time to see it. We all agreed that there was definitely a transition of peace in the atmosphere, surroundings and our state of being. Ahhhhh!!!!!! 

Much Light & Love,
Taunya Laya